HSJI check-out procedure

After five days at the High School Journalism Institute, tomorrow July 13 is check-out day for this week’s workshop participants.

According to Kellen Hubert, a HSJI attendee, IU graduate, and counselor with eight years of experience, the check-out process should be a lot less chaotic than check-in.

The counselors have three main priorities when it comes to checking out students.

“We wanna get your key back, we wanna make sure that we get your meal card from you because that also gives you access into the actual building so from a security standpoint that’s pretty important,” said Hubert. “And we also wanna make sure that you all don’t leave anything behind because that inevitably happens.”

Hubert’s main advice is to start preparing for check-out tonight.

“Pack up tonight, start packing up your things early, so that tomorrow you can just double-check, (and) you can also take your garbage out,” Hubert said. “Those two things alone will help out so much.”

Check-out tomorrow will take place after the two separate awards ceremonies, which can fall anywhere between 10:30 am to 1 pm, Hubert said.

According to Hubert, students that have made arrangements to leave early or leave late should make sure they have rides back home and check timings because in the past students have missed their flights and shuttles.

For students that are staying for another workshop, check-out is similar, except for the fact they stay in the same rooms, Hubert said. Students that are staying must pick up a new folder and meal card because the meal card—which also serves as a pass for building access—deactivates tomorrow at midnight.

According to Hubert, check-out tomorrow should go by smoothly compared to check-in.

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