The sky is the limit

“Can anyone make an invention, even me?” my ten-year old brother asked seriously.

“Yeah sure buddy, anyone,” my dad replied.

“I have an idea…” he said and disappeared.

Ten minutes later, he reappeared with a peculiar contraption in his hand. He had taped together the front ends of a plastic spoon and knife to a long, plastic fork, a 3-in-1 type of thing — or rather, the most brilliant invention in all of silverware’s history, as we later told him.

He shrugged it off as if it was no big deal, but the small smile on his face showed us how proud he really was of his creative idea.

Flash forward to four years and the little kid who enjoys silly cartoons and Mario Cart will be in high school. Will he have time to make such “inventions”? Most of us would say no because high school is the time to get serious…

High school is the time we grow up and blossom into mature, young adults. We learn how to balance our course load and after-school activities. We get our drivers licenses. We work part-time jobs. We prepare for the real world.

And as much as I was looking forward to this moment as a young girl, I now wish time would stop moving so fast — freeze.

I’m envious of my brother because he goes out and plays with the neighbors and practices his passion for art and video games daily, without a care in the world. Not having to worry about the four hours of homework due tomorrow or the pressures of college acceptance.

It’s not the responsibilities I’m running away from though. Maybe it’s not even growing up I’m afraid of. It’s the idea that growing up crushes our creativity and free spirits. Our schools and teachers and parents tell us to be ourselves, yet they prepare us for a world where everyone is the same — that’s what scares me. If that’s the case, I see no need to grow up. I think I’ll stay forever young.

“But that’s impossible!” you’re saying to yourself. And though I’m aware I won’t stop aging, I will stay forever young by remembering every now and then the innocent optimism of youth and the cheesy advice that we all unknowingly followed as little kids: The sky is the limit.

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