The Chronicle’s first edition; Culture of Kindness

The Chronicle:

The Chronicle:

This year’s first edition of our student newspaper came out yesterday, and it had the whole school buzzing. Our editors, designers, business manager, and writers all worked together and created an awesome product! As my first year on the staff, it was amazing to see our work come to life. Check it out here — The Chronicle: Volume 11, Issue 1

We had a variety of thought-provoking opinion columns and stories: Football’s violent reality, the Obamacare effect on teens, Syrian unrest, geocaching, the new Williams’ sisters at our school, and many others…But don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself! I’m am thrilled to be on the staff, and I can’t wait to make the next edition even better.


And of course, I was excited to see my first byline in print. Read my article about the “Culture of Kindness” at MHS below:

Culture of Kindness by Rashika Jaipuriar -- My first byline.

Culture of Kindness: Kindness goes digital with the new MHS Kindness Council

The Kindest School in America just got kinder.

According to American History teacher Jerry Schrock, his homeroom students wanted to make kindness more habitual at Mason High School, especially after the Random Acts of Kindness and Sandy Hook Campaign during Freshmen Activities week last year.

Schrock said, “Once [Freshmen Ac­tivities week] was over, the freshmen kept saying…‘We don’t want this to end. We want this to keep going.’”

After much deliberation, Schrock said that he and his students decided to create the Kindness Council to extend last year’s one-week kindness campaign to all grade levels in the school. The club is currently in its begin­ning stages, with about fifty-five members, including students and staff. It uses an online forum called Edmodo where members can post thoughts and ideas to “inspire through action.”

According to Schrock, communicating pri­marily online is a good way to keep the group low-key and genuine.“We don’t [want to] walk around with t-shirts and say ‘We’re the kind students,’” Schrock said. “We just [want to] do kind things and hopefully with the whole mental­ity of pay it forward then somebody else will act with kindness, and then somebody else will act with kindness…we’ll really try to spread it that way.”

According to Kindness Council member sophomore Danielle Morey, the idea goes be­yond simply being kind in the name of a club.

“Everybody’s just being kinder; even if you’re not in the club you can still strive to be a kinder person,” Morey said.

According to Schrock, kids in the Kindness Council have defined kind, meaningful acts into three categories: Acts of inclusion (in­viting someone to lunch), acts of assistance (helping a freshman that’s lost in school), and encouragement and support (posting notes of encouragement on lockers).

“To really support the culture of kindness that our building already has, those three cat­egories seem to be the ones kids thought were the most beneficial for our school and for the other kids,” Schrock said.

According to Schrock, the Kindness Council is simply trying to create a bet­ter environ­ment and live up to the “Kindest School in America” title MHS received last year.

“We don’t want awards. We don’t want notoriety. We aren’t trying to win any­thing,” Schrock said. “All we’re trying to do is make Mason High School a wel­coming high school.”

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