Young Women’s Club honors breast cancer awareness month

The Young Women’s Club is “making strides” against breast cancer.

October is breast cancer awareness month, and last week the Young Women’s club held various fundraisers to benefit Making Strides against Breast Cancer – a walk hosted by the American Cancer Society.

The Young Women’s club held opportunities to donate and raise breast cancer awareness through different mediums, such as Wall of Hope, Spirit Day, and Chick-fil-a Night. Throughout the week, they promoted Wall of Hope, which was a display of pink ribbons that were purchased by students for $1. They also held a staff fundraiser on Wednesday for Spirit Day, according to club advisor Katie Holmes.

“[The staff] had to donate five dollars and they could…wear jeans and pink for [the] day,” Holmes said.

Holmes also said the club partnered with Chick-fil-a on Thursday night to receive 15% of the proceeds towards the fundraiser. Along with receiving monetary donations towards breast cancer, the club also gained insight from two MHS staff members that have battled breast cancer.

According to Young Women’s Club member Nitya Nambiar, hearing the speakers was an impactful wake-up call.

“When the teachers came and spoke to us, we were more informed about breast cancer,” Nambiar said. “We didn’t really realize how many people could be affected by it and just what they actually go through [because] personally I didn’t know either of the teachers, but [after] hearing their stories, it was incredible to see how far they’ve come.”

Holmes said these events were important for the Young Women’s club to participate in because of the female connection.

“One in eight women can be affected [by] breast cancer,” Holmes said. “We just feel [that] because we’re young women and it affects women that it’ll be a cool cause to support in our community.”

*Published on on October 17th.

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