MHS Corps of Cadets takes an aquatic adventure

Scuba diving isn’t only for fancy islands or resorts. On December 26, the MHS Corps of Cadets took their latest aquatic challenge closer to home, at the Underwater World Scuba Center.

The idea to scuba dive originated with junior Corps of Cadets member Maya Hall, who says she wishes to attend West Point or the Coast Guard Academy and eventually serve in the military. According to Hall, who also happens to be a certified diver, she proposes unique activities like scuba diving to give the members more mental and physical exposure.

“The military is a small percent physical, and then it’s a big percent mental,” Hall said. “So my idea was to bring the [values] of the club that will challenge people mentally, and allow people to experience new and weird things that they haven’t experienced. So [for example], we went camping, we learned land navigation…We’re [going to] go rock-climbing. Not many people [do that]; things like that just get your mind out there and [are] also physically intense.”

Along with adding thrill outside of the Cadet’s weekly Wednesday meetings, these excursions develop realistic military skills, according to Hall.

“It just helps people branch out, try new things, [and] do something outside the norm…because that’s what the military’s all about,” Hall said. “You’re put into positions that you may not be comfortable with.”

According to junior Corps of Cadets leader Jenelle Lee, she was nervous about scuba diving for the first time and even joining the club in general last year.

“I showed up [to a meeting] and it was terrifying, but within three months I knew it was what I wanted to do,” Lee said. “It’s one of my favorite clubs I’ve been in.”

Besides preparing herself for a future career in the military, Lee hopes to use her leadership to help the Corps of Cadets expand and get a Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) at the high school. According to Lee and Hall, activities like scuba diving are beneficial to attract more members and fulfill that goal.

“We want people to come in because we’re just a bunch of kids that love having fun and love our country,” Lee said. “If people see at least half of that, they can come in and then see the fact that we respect and honor our country.”

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