2014 summer internship through WCPO

When WCPO says “On your side” — they mean it, as I found out this summer with their internship program.

Loved working with Ms Mona. Thanks for being on my side.

Loved being under Ms Mona’s mentorship. Thanks for being on my side.

Last night was the reception for the Careers in Media Internship Program run by the Cincinnati television station. Huge shout out to the lovely Ms. Mona Morrow who created this opportunity for us local students interested in media.

This year was CIM’s  fourteenth year, and it was always filled with excitement. All seven of us interns were assigned to different media outlets in the city (WCPO, The Cincinnati Herald, or CitiCable) where we worked for the majority of the summer. The program also included some weekly activities to help us build professionalism and soft skills and a workshop at Ohio University.

I am incredibly thankful for my experience with this awesome program this summer. Along with getting to know WCPO, I became familiar with The Cincinnati Herald, a local newspaper where I was stationed.

At the Herald, I loved meeting everyone there and am grateful that the office was so welcoming.

Jan was a pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything.

Jan was a pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything.

My time spent with all these professionals this summer showed me that people in the media world are really willing to help those of us trying to make it.

I found myself working in an office environment, interviewing people, and writing stories. A few times, I even got to see publisher Jan Michele Lemon Kearney film her weekly show Issues at WLWT Channel 5.

On the set of WLWT. Hope to be doing this for real one day.

My favorite part of the whole experience though was going to The National Urban League Conference, where I got to watch the Vice President speak!

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the National Urban League Conference this year.

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the National Urban League Conference this year.

Finally, we got to share all our wonderful experiences and come together one last time at last night’s reception. We were recognized for our hard work, and we had the opportunity to present a project to our family, friends, and colleagues.

The assignment was to volunteer with a nonprofit organization and document the experience, so my group and I decided to bring awareness to an organization called Habitat for Humanity — whose mission is to create “a world where everyone has a decent place to live.” Here is part of our presentation, a video which I shot and edited


As said in the video, the word ‘home’ can mean family, structure, just a place to come back to — and this summer, it really felt like WCPO 9 and The Cincinnati Herald became my second home. I am so thankful for all the opportunities I had and the various connections I made through this program. The learning was invaluable, and my love for media only grew.


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