Great journalists, great people

If you haven’t heard of The Chronicle, MHS’s top source for news, you’re most likely living under a rock. 

Looking at some of the blog posts published by my dear Chron-friends, it was just great to see everyone geek out about how awesome journalism is. Check out their blogs here: BLOGically Speaking

While I think everyone in The Chronicle  room is incredibly talented, it’s that genuine passion that really makes the paper great.

The Chronicle is never afraid to take on the tough stories — most recently covering transgender bathrooms. In a public school and a fairy well-off suburban community, it can be easy for kids to grow up in a bubble or avoid understanding problems that don’t directly impact them. The Chronicle pops that bubble and sheds light on some really important issues (Drugs, the high school party scene, school board decisions — seriously, anything and everything, we’ve got you covered). 

I love the way it brings the school together, and I love the unconventional learning experience it provided for me. Most of all, I love the people I met and the friendships I made. 

Sure, they’ve “got issues,” but hey, don’t we all. :-)  Keep owning it, Chronnies.


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