Mother’s Day Editorial

The Cincinnati Enquirer: On Mother’s Day, an open letter to my son

Mothers have the toughest job in the world — no question about it. The ‘World’s toughest job’ is an emotional video that went viral last year, reminding us all to thank our mothers and tell them we love them. In the video, a fake job interviewer talks to real applicants about a “Director of Operations” position, with stipulations like unlimited hours and no breaks. You can imagine the poor applicants’ surprise to those demands and their heartfelt reactions when they realized the video was about moms.

Any day is certainly a good one to thank a mother, but a humble mother’s perspective I heard recently did the opposite — she thanked her son.

“This Mother’s Day, as kids give their mothers chocolate covered strawberries or colorful flowers or expensive trinkets, I want nothing. Because you already gave me everything a mother could want.”

Check out Sonia Chopra’s sweet and sincere editorial, a must read for any parent: On Mother’s Day, an open letter to my son


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