Syracuse student’s viral video: Why I left my sorority

The Washington Post interviewed me in a story about the viral #SororityRevamp video. Read a portion of the article below:

After the student newspaper at Syracuse, the Daily Orange, wrote about Purdy’s video, Rashika Jaipuriar, a freshman who has just gone through recruitment wrote a response: “It’s terrible to see girls crushed because they didn’t get invited back to certain chapters. It’s heartbreaking to see these beautiful, intelligent, strong young women questioning their self-worth based on the recruitment process. Rejection blues, jealousy and resentment have been overwhelmingly obvious in the past few weeks.”

“Being a woman today, it’s hard to feel empowered and strong,” she said by phone, emphasizing that she was speaking her own opinion, not representing any Greek organization. “It’s really easy for girls to tear each other down.”

She had her own stereotypes of Greek life and didn’t expect to rush, she said, until she saw, on campus, the kinds of volunteer work and the friendships that Greek life offered. She just got a bid Sunday and is choosing to pledge a sorority at Syracuse. “I’m happy that I did,” she said.

And she’s glad Purdy’s message is spreading: Be true to yourself. Be kind. “I think Alex’s message of finding that genuine connection and acting with a positive heart. I think that was really  important for lots of girls to hear today – regardless of whether they’re in Greek life or not.”


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