High School Journalism Institute 2013: Learn, create, explore

As many of my recent blog posts and stories indicate, I have just come back from the High School Journalism Institute at Indiana University. I was glad to be a part of HSJI’s 67th annual workshop! About twenty students from The Chronicle staff from Mason High School went to this workshop to sharpen our journalism skills … Continue reading High School Journalism Institute 2013: Learn, create, explore

HSJI check-out procedure

After five days at the High School Journalism Institute, tomorrow July 13 is check-out day for this week’s workshop participants. According to Kellen Hubert, a HSJI attendee, IU graduate, and counselor with eight years of experience, the check-out process should be a lot less chaotic than check-in. The counselors have three main priorities when it … Continue reading HSJI check-out procedure

Editorials: More than just opinions

“Newspaper editorial boards, even the best ones, are no longer the cliché of the ivory tower institutions with older guys wearing tweed jackets, smoking pipes, making the big drop before they get around to writing maybe one or two pieces a week in their areas of expertise. It doesn’t work that way anymore,” according to … Continue reading Editorials: More than just opinions