Postcard From New York City: The Power of Language

My latest postcard for Syracuse University's Globalists Magazine. “WHAT Did YOU SEE?” That’s often one of the first things people ask when you talk about traveling. Everyone wants to know the sights you saw and the places you visited. You curate your Instagram with the most beautiful images, for the world to see. Traveling -- … Continue reading Postcard From New York City: The Power of Language

Postcard from New York City

This semester I'm studying 'abroad' in New York City. Check out my postcard for Syracuse University's Globalists magazine. My official status with the university is ‘abroad’; but unlike my peers who are actually abroad, I didn’t take a plane to get to New York City. I didn’t need a passport or a visa. My MetroCard … Continue reading Postcard from New York City

American Embassy Move to Jerusalem

10 Days in Israel In March, I spent ten days traveling around Israel with a team of journalism students and professors. We learned about the challenges of reporting in the Middle East, and we also got the chance to produce our own stories. With a collection of print, video, and photo stories we covered a … Continue reading American Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Old City – Day 1

Never thought I would be in Israel for spring break… but here I am! I’m taking a journalism trip hosted by the Jerusalem Press Club, with 14 of my classmates from the Newhouse school. Our itinerary stops in almost all corners of the country and immerses us in various aspects of society – political, religious, … Continue reading Old City – Day 1